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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  December 17, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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winner officially begins on monday, but this weekend washington could look like a winter wonderland. hello. welcome to 9 news now at noon. i'm j.c. hayward. we will have the latest on the forecast from howard in just a moment but however, we have breaking news from redskins
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park. so brett haber is here with the latest on the departure of vinny cerrato and his replacement. >> we do have that, j.c. and it's good to see you. the news itself is not surprising. most believe after 11 years of midding results vinny cerrato would be out at the end of the season but dan snyder deciding today he could not wait that long. vinny cerrato's resignation this morning actually marks his second departure from the team. he was fired by marty schottenheimer in 2001 and rehired by snyder in 2002. and this time, not even vinny cerrato's long-standing person am relationship with snyder could save him from the disappointing season. vinny cerrato issued this statement through the team this morning saying -- he also said
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-- conspicuously leaving out jim zorn. we will get to what that means in a few minutes. two hours after his departure was announced they announced bruce ailen would be the executive vp and general manager and that allen is from the same blood line that led the raiders and he is the son of george allen and the brother of george allen. sara walsh is live at redskins park this afternoon where the players and coaches learned of the changes around the same time we did. hey, sara. >> they certainly did. it is ironic this announcement comes at a time that had been drama free for the redskins and we don't get to say that often. players i spoke with said they heard the news from phone calls and texts as we did, before being called in to team meetings. that's where they were told the
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news. the team officially opened the locker room to the media. from 12:00 to 12:45 we will get reaction. practice starts at 1:30. when practice wraps up that's when we will hear from jim zorn who should have some interesting things to say because bruce allen will play an integral part of his future. we will hear from bruce allen before we hear from jim zorn. he's already on the job. the redskins called a 2:30 press conference to introduce him to the media and to washington. we will have more throughout the day but a press conference is scheduled for 2:30 and jim zorn will speak at 3:15. live at redskins park. back to you in the studio. >> i have a feeling i will be joining you out there in a couple of hours. we pleased 0 to be joined by nfl analyst brian mitchell and for those who have been following this team for a long time, you and me on sports plus every sunday we have known that vinny cerrato had to go. we thought at the end of the season and now it happens
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sooner. t what have his failings been with this organization? >> the minute thing as a general motors and vice president you need to win. he pointed out he brought in good player and good draft picks but they didn't win and when you don't win football games you go to the guy that put the team together. >> what is your thought on bruce allen he is a proven executive with the raider and the bucs and he has ties to this city and organization. do you like the hire. >> i like the hire. executive of the year in 2002 and to have the ties here with the redskins, because i think a lot of people that come to this team that don't have ties don't understand the love and passion the fans have. he does. >> snyder is showing a going back to the future. but the million dollar question is will snyder give allen the autonomy to run the team
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without meddling? >> i would hope. and i think when you look at this move you think dan snyder has learned his lesson by letting vinny cerrato golf the guy is always telling him what he wants to hear and bring someone else in. you would think that is what he learned over the last ten years. because if it doesn't work and you continue to meddle the fans will let you know louder than this time they are not happy. >> two questions for you, what did you make of vinny cerrato not mentioning jim zorn in his press release. he thanked the other coaches he's worked with and to me i thought it was classless and gives us a clue to dan snyder's thinking of jim zorn because we know vinny cerrato and snyder are close. do you think that indicates a sub from final kind of way that jim zorn is done for. >> i think he was done with jim zorn six weeks ago and i think vin strip can say what he wants. he was the guy behind hiring
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jim zorn. so threoniners are coming back at you when you point to jim zorn. >> gruden worked with allen closely in oakland and tampa. they got fired together in 2008. did dan snyder bruce allen for among other things to get john gruden to be the next coach. >> i think those guys will be fired and hired together. john gruden just happened to be in town this weekend. he will be here for monday night football game and may be staying, but i feel, gruden said he wouldn't do anything in the middle of the year. i think next year that maybe our coach. >> brian mitchell as always with candid thoughts on the news and if i'm john gruden, i would lock the door and not let anyone in to that booth. we will have more from redskins park at 5:00 for brian mitchell. back to you. >> thank you very much. as soon as we heard the news of vinny cerrato's resignation, we of course went to talk to some of the redskins
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fans. alex trevino has some reaction. >> reporter: any news about the redskins travels fast in washington. >> man, shocking. >> reporter: for many who live and breathe burgundy and gold christmas came early. >> i think this is the beginning to some positive changes. i think it is a good thing. >> reporter: the team could stay intact. they just need to get a general manager that will add the missing components to make the team work. >> it is a waste of money and time. who cares. >> reporter: good thing. >> it is a very good thing because he was the reason why the redskins was falling. so good thing. >> reporter: some fans think the team has shown significant improvement and see better days ahead. >> their luck is changing as far as the team goes but i'd like to see some wins. i don't know if that will make a difference. >> reporter: 9 news now and of course we will have more on the redskins changes at the top tonight on 9 news now at
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5:00, including some reaction from some of the players and the coach. well, the other big story that we are following this afternoon is a change in the weather. our howard is in our weather center and he has a storm alert. howard? >> we are watching a developing winter storm. it could be here as soon as tomorrow night and could be snowy around here by the time we get in to saturday morning. show you what is happening on the national satellite. it is in texas, louisiana, the northwest gulf. this area of low pressure will move to the east and the northeast and arrive here tomorrow night, saturday. looks like saturday could be snowy. not sure how snowy yet. maybe just a little bit but it could be a lot of bits and that's something we will pin down as we get closer to the event tomorrow. winter storm watches have been issued around roanoke and blacksburg. we will likely see watches come out from our national weather service later this afternoon and sometime tomorrow morning i expect warnings or advisories
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to be put up depending on what we think the nature of the storm will be. today and tomorrow no problems. saturday could be messy. i will have more on that when i see you coming up in ten minutes or so. back to you. still ahead, on 9 news now at noon, work is underway on the intercounty connector, but how much will we have to pay in order to use the road? >> the united states paid billions of dollars in aid to developing countries in a bid to break the deadlock at the climate change summit. i'm charlie d'agata. i will have the story coming up.
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well, this morning the vote was unanimous we will have to pay in order to drive on the new intercounty connector once the lanes open next year. scott broom was there for the vote. >> reporter: greenbelt, where this morning maryland's transportation authority voted unanimously to approve tolls on the future icc intercounty connector of up to 35 cents a mile. that would make traveling the entire length of the 18 -- 17- mile road cost as much as $6.15. public comments were running 74% opposed but the transportation authority is moving forward saying the goal is to charge a price that will keep the road congestion free. the authority did lower proposed pricing for late-night travel and set a lower minimum toll for people driving two miles or less. the first section of the icc,
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between shady grove and georgia avenue is expected to be open by the fall of next year, and the entire roadway is scheduled to be opened by early 2012. in greenbelt, scott broom, 9 news now and still ahead, on 9 news now at noon, working toward a breakthrough. and global talks on climate change. the cold air is in place and now the watching and waiting begins. see how the storm will track and what it will do to us as we get to the weekend. we will have more on that when 9 news no at noon returns. good little helpers.
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president obama is due to arrive at the climate conference in copenhagen tomorrow. but there is still no sign of a breakthrough in talks to tackle global warming. charlie d'agata tells us that the biggest holdout maybe the united states and china. secretary of state hillary clinton is trying to break the deadlock in talks to tackle global warming. >> the united states is prepared to work with other countries toward a goal of jointly mobilizing $100 billion a year by 2020. >> reporter: world leaders are
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gathering in copenhagen where talks on climate change have hit an up pass. the u.s. is putting pressure on china to cut down on emissions and demanding inspections to make sure the chinese keep their word. china says that's an intrusion it will not accept. climate change activists are frustrated that leaders aren't making more progress. protesters tried to disrupt the talks. hundreds were arrested as they fought with police. danish police increased security along the perimeter where the conference is held and are only allowing a small number of demonstrators to gather here in an effort to avoid a return to wednesday's violence. police say plunging temperatures are helping to keep most demonstrators off the streets. >> it's real cold and windy. that's probably why. it is cold and windy. >> reporter: the entire city will be locked down when president obama joins more than 100 other world leaders on friday in a final push for a deal. >> you are hopeful.
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>> very hopeful, yeah. >> without even a text of a treaty in hand, time and toll are running out. cbs news, copenhagen. you can learn more about the climate conference by going to our website at click on living green to get in to the climate pool. how many inches? >> too early. we have some models are saying it could be this much and other model says this much. >> not bad. >> one of the models is right it will be the biggest snowstorm since the snowstorm in 2003. we have not a total agreement here. tomorrow, this is killing me. tomorrow. just know it will be a snowy saturday. we don't know if it will be a little or a lot of snow but potential is there for a lot of snow. i put this back up again in
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case something came out between the top of the show and now. a winter storm watch south of virginia. i anticipate think storm watch will be posted later this afternoon. the next three days looking like, this sunny and cold, upper 30s. 39 maybe wishful thinking. same story tomorrow, mid to upper 30s and saturday, snowy and 32 degrees. this afternoon the forecast first, sunny, breezy around 40, maybe winful upper 30s northwest winds 10 to 10 to 15. lows in the 20s with light winds. mid to upper 30s. it will be snowing across parts of the area by tomorrow night. keep that in mind. we have the sunshine and we need it. 34 reagan national. 33 on the bay from annapolis at the naval academy. 36 cambridge and fredericksburg, yeah, toasty down there. relatively speaking, 38 and still 32 in cumberland, hagerstown and martinsburg with wind chills. if you have been outside you know what i'm talking about.
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in the mid-20s at most locations. we have a wind at reagan national, north at 15. kind of raw out there. the wind chill is 24 and relative humidity is 41%. you see the dryness and the dew point at 13 degrees. that's a cold air mass that is moved in place. some snow around the lakes but this is what we will watch. the exact track of this will have a big difference on snow totals. we are talking maybe very light accumulations up near the maryland, pennsylvania border and potentially heavy accumulations , dc south and west. can that doesn't mean montgomery, frederick, prince georges you could see moderate to heavy accumulations on saturday. we will watch this area of low pressure move to the east northeast. expecting it by tomorrow morning south of mobile in the gulf of mexico. by saturday morning coming up the coast here. maybe off the carolina coast and we will watch the snow. maybe heavy snows to the south and west by saturday morning. that could be with us for part of the day. southern maryland, northern neck and the eastern shore.
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we have a better chance of mixing in with rain and sleet than west of town, north of town but if you get too far north you are too much away from the low to get the heavy snow. in pennsylvania you are going that way. not much of anything. this storm never makes it to new york the way it is looking. it is our storm the way it is looking now. here's the seven-day forecast. oh, this is going to show the snow moving by friday night. seven-day forecast, 39 this afternoon. 37 tomorrow. the cloudy skies will be with us with the snow flying around on saturday. hopefully ending late saturday night and we may be able to remove the sunday snowflakes and next week quieter with the official start of ann astronomical winter. it is thursday, joining me is mary from bunny lou adoptions in haymarket and you have a beautiful rabbit, katie. >> she is a sweet girl. she came in to to us a couple of years ago with a bunch of babies. she was from one of the
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shelters and is looking for a home. she is a sweet baby and wants to run everywhere. >> my brother in law has a rabbit and i never would have considered it. how many people think of rabbits versus cats and dogs. >> a lot of people do. they are bethey are just behind cats and dogs. >> they don't bark, don't mow you, don't have to walk them and litter box trained and once neutered they are wonderful nets. >> it -- pets. >> they are reasonable adoption fees. >> $100 for a rabbit that is spayed and neutered and it is a bargain. >> how can people contact you. >> either e-mail or call us on 7003-753-0833. we'll be glad to talk to them and get you educated about living with rabbits. has all the
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information for the pets and shelter as well. we have tips if you are heading out for the holidays. (child) mom.
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if you have not made plans for the holiday, let me tell you that miss shawn boss boston is here and she has great tips of things to do throughout the city. >> thank you for being here. we know that hanukkah is over this saturday, december 19th but there are activities happening that i want to tell my viewers about. >> the washington, d.c. jewish community center is doing a day
12:26 pm
of service and thousands of volunteers go throughout the city to kitchens, to shelters, to nursing homes and schools and they do all kinds of good work on december 25th and then afterwards there's a big party at the washington, d.c. jcp. i have done that on christmas day. it really makes you feel good at the end of the day to give something on christmas. >> all right. and at the smithsonian there's some activities going on there. >> the smithsonian museum is doing an arts and crafts workshop at 10:30 a.m. and it is based on the principal of collective work and responsibility. there are seven days to kwanzaa. it starts december 26th and ends new years day. call the museum because there is a reservation requirement. >> that's at the anacostia museum. if you want to go shopping,
12:27 pm
tell me about shopping. >> i have not finished my shopping yet but there are abe opportunities for those who are looking for something unique. there are two opportunities, one is the downtown holiday market which is on now through december 23rd. that's open from 12 to 8 p.m. daily and they have arts and crafts and they have music. it's a way you can do it during your work hour or after work but you can get something unique and special for that special person. the other shopping adventure is the mansion on o street near dupont circle at 2020. that's kind of like a curiosity shop. you don't know what you are going to find in there but they have a lot of one-of-a-kind things and it is for the person who wants to hunt for something special. >> and before you leave, you have something that is free. >> i do. every year the washington
12:28 pm
national cathedral takes out their nativity sets from all over the world and it is great to see how each culture and community commemorates the nativity in their own craftsmanship. >> something for everyone. >> thank you. thank you for being with us. come back at 5:00. samuel, honey, what are you doing?
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